Delczeg Training System

The Delczeg Training System
For intermediate and advanced body builders
As Seen In “ No Pain, No Gain

Gain 7 Pounds of Muscle in Only 30 Short Days!

The Delczeg Training System is a 28-page book written by IFBB pro bodybuilder, Emeric Delczeg. It contains easy-to-follow instructions on how to burn fat and build muscle. You’ll learn about the most effective workout routines (with illustrations), and how to support your workouts with the incredible muscle building diet.

“The reason my training system works better than anything you’ve ever tried before is because it centers around the concept of muscle fibers,” says Delczeg. “The answer to all of your training woes lies in your ability to stimulate muscle fibers. When stimulated sufficiently through the stress of weight training, they will reproduce and create more fiber. Once that happens, the overall size of the muscle increases. This is called muscle hypertrophy. When an individual is able to recruit and stimulate a high percentage of muscle fibers, the result will be an increase, or hypertrophy, in muscle size. So by learning the most effective and efficient way to train, you will be able to maximize the rate at which your muscles grow.”

Follow The Delczeg Training Systemfor just 30 days and make the fastest gains in strength and size you have ever experienced!

The Delczeg Training System is intended for educational and informational purposes and should not be misconstrued as medical advice. Specific medical advice should be sought from a licensed healthcare practitioner. In fact, it is recommended that you consult your physician before beginning any type of weight training program. Proceed with the workouts and diets listed at your own risk.


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