Humanofort 60 ct. Bottle 100 mg

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Humanofort 60 ct. Bottle 100 mg

Humanofort Ⓡ

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Humanofort 60 ct. Bottle Humanofort 100 mg

Humanofort Ⓡ

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Humanofort Ⓡ may offer multiple benefits to users as a high potency, anabolic/anti-catabolic, adaptogenic agent.Adverse Effects: No adverse effects have ever been observed or reported from using Humanofort Ⓡ The only reported side effects include: increased sex-drive, improved sleep & mood, and increased fat loss.About the Inventor Dr. Gheorghe Mihaescu, M.D. is an international expert in such fields as Experimental Immunology in Oncology, Steroid Biochemistry, Radio-assay Methodologies, and Geriatric Nutrition. Dr. Mihaescu has authored 32 published scientific papers in the aforementioned fields. He also holds 15 invention patents, which have been recognized and prized by the European scientific community at the prestigious Brussels and Geneva Conventions.

After 10 years of research at the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Institute of Physical and Engineering Research in Bucharest, Romania, Dr. Mihaescu and his team were the first scientists in the world to demonstrate (in vivo) that embryonic peptides extracted according to his own technology are able to cross the intestinal membrane to act beneficially as growth factors, without producing toxicity or immunological side effects.

Growth Factor Formula! Physician Tested Humanofort Ⓡ unique properties have amazed even those in the medical community. For example, one well-respected physician in the medical and sports nutrition field, Dr. Eric Serrano, conducted a test with Humanofort Ⓡ on a group of his patients. The results not only confirmed many results and observations made in the Romanian studies, but also revealed some key findings. As a result of Dr. Serranos findings, a more comprehensive clinical study has been initiated in Romania to measure the potential benefit of Humanofort Ⓡ on elevated insulin and cholesterol levels. Results of this study, which will be submitted for peer-review and publishing in a prestigious scientific journal, are due for release later this year.

Humanofort Ⓡ Stacking & Cycling Unlike other anabolic substances such as anabolic steroids, prohormones, and pro-steroids,

Humanofort Ⓡ does not require cycling off for any period of time. Additionally, even if you are using other products to increase testosterone or lower estrogen, for example, virtually everyone can benefit from using Humanofort Ⓡ. Because of this, it is one of the very best supplements to stack with other powerful ingredients and supplements. This is the reason we include Humanofort Ⓡ in some of our other proven-to-work, high-potency formulas, such as Super Charge! Nitric Oxide & ReCharge! Anabolic Primer.

Humanofort Ⓡ is a powerful, pharmaceutically standardized chicken embryo extract that contains naturally occurring growth factors. These growth factors are made of clusters of low-molecular weight oligopeptides, which, by their very nature, are quickly and easily assimilated and transported to their specific receptor sites. Each of the growth factors in Humanofort Ⓡ has unique, bio-stimulating properties:IGF-1, IGF-2 (insulin-like growth factor-1,2)- a family of peptides that play important roles in growth and development. IGF-1 mediates many of the growth-promoting effects of growth hormone, while IGF-2 is essential to liver, kidney, and brain function. FGF (fibroblast growth factors)- a family of peptides that play a prominent role in the development of the skeletal and nervous system. NGF (nerve growth factors)- peptides that promote neural cell survival. EGF (epidermal growth factors)- polypeptides that promote skin tissue growth and development as well as wound healing. CTGF (connective tissue growth factors)- peptides that promote collagen accumulation in the body. Experimental and clinical tests have revealed that Humanofort Ⓡ induces a highly significant increase in key adrenal hormones like 17-ketosteroid sulfates and 17-hydroxycorticosteroids. Humanofort Ⓡ has also been shown to increase plasma concentrations of DHEA, DHEA-S, and testosteroneall while normalizing elevated cortisol levels.1

Initial Clinical Trial Twenty-eight healthy male rugby players (age 20-32) volunteered to participate in a 21 day clinical trial.1 Blood was drawn and hormone levels measured before the start of the trial to establish a baseline for each of the players. After 21 days of consuming 600mg of

Humanofort Ⓡ per day, with no modifications made to their diet or training, hormone levels were again measured in the rugby players. The results confirmed that Humanofort Ⓡ significantly increased key anabolic hormones while improving recovery by reducing oxidative stress. (see figure at right)Few supplements can claim to have such a dramatic effect on testosterone levels, but only

Humanofort Ⓡ can legitimately claim to simultaneously boost these key anabolic hormones while reducing oxidative stress and delivering these benefits via a 100% natural and safe medium.


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